Ma, the person whom Ma’s Brands is named after, was Ruth Florence Allen. Her recipe for the now famous “No-Foolin’!” Tomato Marmalade, made with only the finest ingredients including tomatoes sourced from local Massachusetts farms, is the most unique yummy taste treat you’re likely to get. And the sublime and tasty “Some Good!” Bread & Butter Pickles are like all great things, an accidental discovery.  Both are part of the best idea this smiling guy ever had: Take the recipe’s you grew up with, make them for other folks to enjoy. Simple!


Welcome to Ma’s Brands - Awesome in a Jar!

Tomato Marmalade

  1. -All Natural 

  2. -Made in Small Batches

  3. -Locally Sourced Ingredients

  4. -Hot and Original

Bread & Butter Pickles

  1. -The Best I’ve ever Tasted

  2. -An Accidental Discovery

  3. -The Perfect Munchie Antidote